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7/2/2019 "Queen of Hearts" takes home the Audience Award at Sundance and Gothenburg Film Festivals

A new Danish feature film premiered at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival on January 26.

6 Music Sales copyrights and 3 Storyville masters are featured in the film.

The film, titled “Dronningen” (English title “Queen Of Hearts”), was directed by May el-Toukhy and stars the legendary Danish actress Trine Dyrholm. It was entered into competition for Best International Film and won the prestigious

Sundance Audience Award

Read more here: http://trustnordisk.com/content/queen-hearts-takes-home-audience-award-sundance-film-festival

February 2nd, the film was in competition at the Gothenburg Film Festival in Sweden, the largest and most prestigious film festival in the Nordic region.

“Queen Of Hearts” picked up 3 major prizes:

  1. Best Nordic Film (for which the director May el-Toukhy receives 100.000EUR – the largest monetary film prize in the world)
  2. Best Acting (for Trine Dyrholm)
  3. Audience Award Best Nordic Film


Music Supervision of “Queen Of Hearts” was handled by Steve Tallamy and Hanne Hee Lange of Edition Wilhelm Hansen.

The music featured in the film includes works by the Edition Wilhelm Hansen signings Thomas Blachman, Carsten Dahl and Bent Sørensen as well as Bosworth Songwriter William Fitzsimmons.

The film will receive its Danish Premiere on March 28th

Interview with director May el-Toukhy https://www.dfi.dk/en/english/news/navigating-morally-complex-story

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