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Fallulah to play lead role in musical "Jesus Christ Superstar"

Fallulah has been cast as the female lead of Mary Magdalene in the timeless rock musical Jesus Christ Superstar. 2020 marks the 50 year anniversary of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's rock opera album that preceded the popular musical, and The Danish Chamber Orchestra will mark this occasion with an anniversary edition of the musical, starring some of Denmark's most talented musicians. This will be Fallulahs first musical role, and she is very excited to bring her interpretation of Mary Magdalene. "I've always had so much love for musicals written in the 60's and 70's, particularly due to the music. Jesus Christ Superstar is definitely no exception. It is some completely legendary tracks that Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice has created, and they still stand the test of time so many years later. It is really a huge honor for me to contribute to this anniversary celebration of the musical", Fallulah states. The musical premieres at The Royal Danish Theatre on September 26th and will subsequently tour around Denmark.

A Winged Victory for the Sullen's new album receives praise

In november, Adam Wiltzie and Dustin O'Halloran's neoclassical duo A Winged Victory for the Sullen released their first proper album in nine years,The Undivided Five, where they pay tribute to the mystical painter Hilma of Klint. The album has scored a 7.5/10 rating on Pitchfork, being praised as "lush and orchestral, with rich bass notes in the piano and intimations of violin solos, but also mystically steeped in ambient music’s eternal present." "The Undivided Five trembles on a threshold between sorrow and joy, ending and beginning, life and afterlife. Aching strings emerge like fated events from the everyday seep and curl of passing time. Long minutes pass by dredging up one vast, submerged chord. Each track is its own study in loneliness, yet each is in communication with the others, like spirit mediums." Read the full review here. Listen to The Undivided Five.

Fallulah nominated for 4 GAFFA-Awards

Music Sales artist Fallulah has been nominated for no less than 4 GAFFA-Awards! GAFFA is the most prominent Danish music magazine and every year, they host an award show that allows music fans to decide their favorite artists and releases from the past year. Many winners through the years have stated that this award in particular is very important to them, as it's decided by the listeners and the fans, not music critics. Fallulah is nominated in the categories: Best Songwriter, Best Live Act, Best Danish Solo Artist and Best Pop Release for her EP "All My Eyes Are Open, Pt. I". The voting has opened and you can vote for Fallulah here. Listen to All My Eyes Are Open, Pt. I.

2020 Grammy-nominations announced

Congratulations to Music Sales-writers Hildur Guðnadóttir and Philip Glass, who have been nominated for the Grammy awards in 2020. Guðnadóttir has been nominated for her score composition for HBO's huge success Chernobyl, while Glass receives the nomination for Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance for his "Perpetulum". Best Score Soundtrack For Visual MediaCHERNOBYLHildur Guðnadóttir, composer Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble PerformancePERPETULUM Third Coast PercussionPhilip Glass

New album from Jacob Groth

For more than 40 years, Jacob Groth has created the perfect soundscapes for Danish as well as international productions with his score music. Now he is releasing his first studio album since starting as a score composer. The album, Music For Your Inner Movie, is inspired by his joy of nature and dedicated to the young people, who are fighting to save our climate. On the album, Jacob Groth has composed without his usual fixed frames and is moving in a lighter direction than his well-known Nordic Noir-style. "Music For Your Inner Movie" was written as part of a process of continuing after a horrible experience with a film project that crashed. Writing and recording these 11 pieces of music helped me regain the enthusiasm of finding a melody, a harmony and most of all, the joy of playing music with my wonderful orchestra, The Danish Filmharmonics," Jacob Groth explains. Listen to the first track from Music For Your Inner Movie, April, on Spotify. The full album is available to purchase on vinyl.

Shaka Loveless signs publishing deal

The newest addition to the Music Sales family is Danish urban artist Shaka Loveless, who has signed a publishing deal with Edition Wilhelm Hansen, part of the Music Sales Group. With his massive hits and positive energy, Shaka Loveless has become a household name in Denmark, and his effortless mix of rap, R&B, pop and reggae proves his versatility as an artist. Shaka’s music contains such heartfelt authenticity and contagious rhythm that it’s impossible to sit still while listening. His latest album Alting/Ingenting (“Everything/Nothing”) was critically acclaimed and he was especially praised for his lyrical braveness, using his music to create awareness of the struggles of society’s less fortunate. We are looking forward to working with Shaka Loveless and following his future successes!

Jacob Groth-scored "Wisting" gets U.S. premiere

The hugely popular Norwegian drama series "Wisting" has been picked up by Sundance Now and will get its premerie in the US on December 18. Based on two novels by Jørn Lier Horst, the 10-part series tells the story of Norwegian homicide detective William Wisting chasing an American serial killer in the stunning landscape of Norway. Sven Nordin plays the lead role as William Wisting, while Canadian actress Carrie-Anne Moss appears in the series as an FBI agent. The score music for the series is composed by Nordic Noir-pioneer Jacob Groth. It's not only the U.S. who have shown interest in the Norwegian hit series. "Wisting" has also been picked up by the BBC and is set to launch on BBC Four before the end of the year. https://deadline.com/2019/11/sundance-now-wisting-banijay-drama-deal-1202778097/ https://prensario.tv/novedades/4276-banijay-nordic-drama-wisting-to-premier-on-bbc-uk

Hildur Guðnadóttir nominated in Hollywood

Music Sales composer Hildur Guðnadóttir has been nominated for the 2019 Hollywood Music in Media. Guðnadóttir has secured two nominations - one in the category Original Score - Feature Film for Todd Phillips' "Joker" and one in the category Original Score - TV Show/Limited Series for the HBO drama "Chernobyl". Recently, Guðnadóttir spoke to Variety about her work process on "Joker": "The composer read Phillips’ script, and submitted – prior to shooting – musical ideas she played on her Halldorophone. It’s a specially designed electro-acoustic cello that has a separate set of mic’d resonating strings, turning the instrument into “a kind of feedback mechanism. It’s like a Jimi Hendrix cello,” she says. “As the film develops, the orchestra steps more and more in front and, by the end, kind of suffocates the cello,” Guðnadóttir explains. “This poor guy gets so angry, and the orchestra gets angry with him; everything gets louder and more aggressive, and the music really punches you in the face.”" https://www.hmmawards.com/2019-music-in-visual-media-nominations/ https://variety.com/2019/music/news/joker-score-composer-us-harriet-motherless-brooklyn-judy-1203389033/

Queen of Hearts awarded Nordic Council Film Prize

The Nordic Council Film Prize 2019 has been awarded to director May el-Toukhy, screenwriter Maren Louise Käehne and producers Caroline Blanco and René Ezra for the Danish film QUEEN OF HEARTS. The highly acclaimed film QUEEN OF HEARTS received Tuesday night the NORDIC COUNCIL FILM PRIZE 2019, one of Northern Europe’s most coveted film awards, on stage in Stockholm Concert house. The prize endowed with DKK 350,000 is shared among director, screenwriters and producers in recognition of film as an art form, based on the collaboration between the main functions. 'It is impossible not to praise Trine Dyrholm for her formidable nuanced performance as 'Queen' Anne, but at all levels – cinematography, music, production design and more. - 'The Queen' is an impressive feat. It makes an almost impossible task seem easy and effortless' (quote from the jury motivation). Music Sales Creative Cph music supervised the film placing 6 copyrights and 3 masters including works by the Edition Wilhelm Hansen signings Thomas Blachman, Carsten Dahl and Bent Sørensen as well as Bosworth Songwriter William Fitzsimmons. Furthermore Music Sales copyright "Tainted Love" was featured in a key scene with lead actress Trine Dyrholm dancing on her own. http://www.nordiskfilmogtvfond.com/movie/queen-of-harts http://www.nordiskfilmogtvfond.com/press/nordic-council-film-prize-2019-winner

'Oh, To Be A Butterfly' with score by Jacob Groth

Søren Kragh-Jacobsen returns with his first Danish feature in several years with a score composed by Jacob Groth. The upcoming dramedy, 'Oh, To Be a Butterfly', is centered on the stubborn pig farmer Ernst and his wife Louise who are celebrating their 50th anniversary with a traditional Danish party for friends and family. However, the family carries several secrets and Ernest holds on to the biggest one of them all. Through one long joyous, intoxicating, surprising, gripping and melancholic night, the truths creep out and the family is put to the ultimate test. Playing the role of Ernst is Jesper Christensen who also appeared in Kragh-Jacobsen's debut feature 'Wanna See My Beautiful Navel?' from 1978. Since then, Christensen has become one of the most important Danish actors of his generation. The music for both the debut and the upcoming film is composed by Jacob Groth and the two have worked together on several productions through the years. The film title 'Oh, To Be a Butterfly', is inspired by Danish evergreen "Lille sommerfugl". The song was composed in 1921 by Elith Worsing, Axel Andreasen and Ludvig Brandstrup and covered by Danish artist Bjørn Tidmand in 1968. The song is Tidmand's signature song and a national hit across generations. https://www.dfi.dk/en/english/news/soren-kragh-jacobsen-begins-shooting-new-film-jesper-christensen

Music Sales signs Carlos Cipa

Composer and pianist Carlos Cipa has signed an exclusive worldwide publishing deal with Bosworth Music, part of the Music Sales Group. The deal encompasses Carlos’ future works plus a selection of his back catalogue, including latest album Retronyms which came out on Warners Classics in August. A classically trained musician, who studied contemporary classical composition at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich, Carlos has also scored for dance, theatre and film; credits include Die Goldfische (dir. Alireza Golafshan) and Lovers Of The Night (dir. Anna Frances Ewert). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86F47YjJ81Y

"Queen of Hearts" Oscar nominated

Feature film “Queen Of Hearts” has been chosen as the official Danish entry for the Oscars in the “Best International Feature Film” category. The music featured in the film includes works by the Edition Wilhelm Hansen signings Thomas Blachman, Carsten Dahl and Bent Sørensen as well as Bosworth Songwriter William Fitzsimmons. On top of this Music Sales copyright "Tainted Love" was featured in a key scene with lead actress Trine Dyrholm dancing on her own. "Tainted Love" written by Ed Cobb was originally recorded by soul singer Gloria Jones in 1964. The song attained worldwide fame after being covered by the synth-pop duo Soft Cell in 1981. The dance scene in "Queen of Hearts" features the Soft Cell version. https://www.dfi.dk/en/english/news/queen-hearts-denmarks-oscar-entry https://variety.com/2019/film/news/oscars-denmark-queen-of-hearts-for-heroic-losers-argentina-the-white-storm-2-drug-lords-hong-kong-international-feature-film-race-1203347300/ Article in Danish about the Bent Sørensen work featured in "Queen of Hearts": https://www.dacapo-records.dk/nyheder/dansk-film-med-musik-af-bent-soerensen-indstillet-som-dansk-oscar-bud

Benny Andersen in all weathers

Benny Andersen's understanding and usage of the Danish language was phenomenal and through more than 60 years he used it to describe the characteristics of the Danish people. Next year a mosaic of poems and lyrics by Benny Andersen will be the basis for the cabaret "I al slags vejr" (In All Weathers) at Café Liva, Copenhagen which will run from February to April 2020 http://www.cafeliva.dk/content/i-al-slags-vejr-en-benny-andsersen-mosaik

Fallulah receives female empowerment award

Last night Fallulah received the Ethel Award at SPOT Festival in Aarhus, Denmark, for her effort to promote and encourage equal opportunities in the Danish music industry. One of Fallulah's initiatives is the Spotify playlist Hej Søster which highlights the quality and diversity of female songwriters and artists in Denmark and works as a positive statement. Read more here (in Danish) https://spotfestival.dk/ethel-pris-2019-til-fallulah/ Links:Hej Søster – SpotifyFallulah – Spotify

Fallulah to play Gaffa Awards 2019

Fallulah is part of the line-up at the Danish Gaffa Awards 2019 on March 7th in Odense: "Wonderful and enterprising Fallulah is back with a fabulous mix of genres" https://gaffa.dk/nyhed/135003/gaffa-prisen-2019-her-er-vaerterne-og-de-syv-live-navne/?c_rid=61ua0003019Gzz1M0Dg1598213353%7C95155412&utm_campaign=814600_GAFFA-PRISEN_2019:_Her_er_v%C3%A6rterne_og_de_syv_live-navne_(B2C)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=GAFFA+Plus+DK-All_Users

"Queen of Hearts" takes home the Audience Award at Sundance and Gothenburg Film Festivals

A new Danish feature film premiered at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival on January 26. 6 Music Sales copyrights and 3 Storyville masters are featured in the film. The film, titled “Dronningen” (English title “Queen Of Hearts”), was directed by May el-Toukhy and stars the legendary Danish actress Trine Dyrholm. It was entered into competition for Best International Film and won the prestigious Sundance Audience Award Read more here: http://trustnordisk.com/content/queen-hearts-takes-home-audience-award-sundance-film-festival February 2nd, the film was in competition at the Gothenburg Film Festival in Sweden, the largest and most prestigious film festival in the Nordic region. “Queen Of Hearts” picked up 3 major prizes: Best Nordic Film (for which the director May el-Toukhy receives 100.000EUR – the largest monetary film prize in the world) Best Acting (for Trine Dyrholm) Audience Award Best Nordic Film https://goteborgfilmfestival.se/en/here-are-all-the-winners-in-dragon-award-2019/?lang=en Music Supervision of “Queen Of Hearts” was handled by Steve Tallamy and Hanne Hee Lange of Edition Wilhelm Hansen. The music featured in the film includes works by the Edition Wilhelm Hansen signings Thomas Blachman, Carsten Dahl and Bent Sørensen as well as Bosworth Songwriter William Fitzsimmons. The film will receive its Danish Premiere on March 28th Interview with director May el-Toukhy https://www.dfi.dk/en/english/news/navigating-morally-complex-story

Dahl/Blachman/Ginman in concert

Two of our most talented jazz musicians/composers will play at Bremen Teater on January 25th http://brementeater.dk/arrangementer/ginmanblachmandahl/

Ariel Marx signs to Music Sales

Music Sales are thrilled to announce the signing of award-winning film / TV composer and multi-instrumentalist Ariel Marx to a worldwide co-publishing deal. Recently hailed as ‘a film composer to watch’ by Filmmaker Magazine, Ariel is recognised for her versatility in genre and ability to craft engaging, emotional undertones for the screen. A violinist herself, she often pairs strings, piano and folk instruments with electronics. This year her most notable projects have included HBO’s Emmy, Gotham, and Spirit Award-nominated film The Tale, as well as Shawn Snyder’s award-winning To Dust. Along with these two scores, the deal will also cover all her existing and future works. Listen here

Writer/producer/artist PILFINGER signs worldwide publishing deal with Music Sales

Danish writer / producer / artist PILFINGER signs worldwide publishing deal with Music Sales

Node Records releases original soundtrack album for 'The Wife'

Featuring Original Music by BAFTA-Award Winning and Golden-Globe Nominated Composer Jocelyn Pook “Jocelyn Pook's understated musical score may well be the film's true hidden genius.” Selig Film News LOS ANGELES, CA (November 12, 2018)– Node Records is pleased to announce the release of Jocelyn Pook’s original motion picture score album for the critically acclaimed film The Wife. The soundtrack is now available through all major digital music platforms via Node Records. Currently in worldwide theatrical release, the film stars Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce, Christian Slater, and Elizabeth McGovern. Directed by Björn Runge, the film is an adaptation of Meg Wolitzer’s bestselling novel about a woman (Close) who questions her life choices as she travels to Stockholm with her husband (Jonathan Pryce), where he is to be honoured with the Nobel Prize for Literature. Featuring a sublime score by Jocelyn Pook (Eyes Wide Shut, The Staircase) for piano and chamber orchestra, reviews have overwhelmingly recognized the primary role Pook’s music plays in creating the complex undercurrents and powerful, emotional atmospheres that Runge’s thriller demands. "I am so pleased that the soundtrack of The Wife is finally going to be released alongside the film,” Jocelyn Pook remarks. “It was an absolute joy to work on a film with such depth and resonance for our times; a film with rich cinematography and with extraordinarily masterful yet understated performances. It was also wonderful to work with the director Björn Runge who was both inspiring and trusting.” The soundtrack was executive-produced by Lucy Bright, Tracy McKnight, and Robert Thompson. ABOUT JOCELYN POOK:Jocelyn Pook is a BAFTA Award-winning composer who writes music for film, television, theatre, dance, the concert platform, and her own album projects. Often remembered for her film score to Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, other notable film scores include The Merchant of Venice, Brick Lane, and L’Emploi Du Temps. ABOUT NODE RECORDS:Node Records is a boutique label committed to releasing and marketing music from groundbreaking artists and films. Based in Los Angeles and New York, Node has a partner in BFE / The Orchard Sony for its marketing and distribution. Vision. Passion. Music.

Harts releases Queens, Kings & All Big Things

Harts has released his latest album Queens, Kings And All Big Things, a contextual continuation to his last album Smoke Fire Hope Desire. "Throughout the process of writing this album, I was back and forth between Australia and the U.S. I went though a lot of changes in that two year period, both in my personal life and my music life", Harts states. "[There was] a lot of self re-discovery, dealing with lack of self confidence, and finding my place within this world. I think a lot of that is reflected into this album, and unashamedly brought up throughout the songs. In that way, as wacky as the ride may me, there’s a lot of personal struggle within this body of work. Overall it has a different musical and production style to the previous album, utilising a lot more intricate hypnotic rhythms, beautiful chords, melodies, orchestras, dynamic vocals and arrangements. I feel it’s a progression for me as a songwriter, composer, musician and solo artist and I’m very proud of it.” The album was preceded by singles 'Ain’t Nothin’ On Me', '21&19' and 'Wishfulness' throughout 2018, a year which has seen Harts land huge features such as playing guitar with Joey Bada$$ for Triple J’s Like A Version and rocking 80,000 people at the MCG with Peking Duk for the NRL State of Origin pre-game entertainment. He also wrapped up two huge sets at Bluesfest and premiered a brand new expanded live band for a special sold-out show at Howler in Melbourne in July. Listen here

Jacob Groth nominated for The Camille Awards

Jacob has been nominated for an European Film Composer Award, the Camille Award, for Best Score 2017, for his score for Modus (Second Season). The Camille Awards are a set of awards given to composers of exceptional pieces of film and audio-visual music by their peer composers. The ceremony will take place October 20th 2018 in the frame of the International Sound & Film Music Festival (ISFMF) in Pula (Croatia). It is organized jointly by the festival’s organizers and the European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA). The Camille Awards honor composers of original music for audio-visual artworks in three categories (“Best Orchestral Score”, “Best Electro-acoustic Score” and “Best Original Music for a Series”). In the first phase, fourteen member-organizations representing composers of music for the audiovisual sector in twelve European countries have submitted outstanding works from their respective region.

New NIKE ad soundtracked by Dustin O'Halloran

Dustin O'Halloran's 'We Move Lightly' is the featured composition within Nike’s Dream Crazy advertisement, narrated by NFL athlete and humanitarian Colin Kaepernick. Created for the 30th anniversary of the 'Just Do It' campaign, the powerful ad highlights inspirational stories of various athletes succeeding against all odds, including cameos from Serena Williams and LeBron James. For more on Dustin O'Halloran and 'We Move Lightly', read Digital Music News's story about the Nike ad here. Watch here

40 years of Kattejammer rock

40 years ago children from the Vesterbro Ungdomsgård Youth Club sang their way up the charts and into the hearts of the Danish public. Now these powerful and much loved songs will be performed on stage in a newly written show celebrating the album "Kattejammer rock" as a mirror for the young people of today.

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